Human Hair Care Tips

How to Choose, Care for, and Style Human Hair Wigs?

Human hair wigs are one of the most popular hair styling options out there because they provide people with the ability to change the style of their hair and boost their self-esteem. Compared to synthetic wigs, human hair wigs are much more natural, more durable, and are easier to comb and maintain compared to synthetic wigs. It is, however, not easy to choose a human hair wig that is suitable for your body type as well as to care for and properly maintain it. Throughout this article, we will introduce you to the methods of choosing, caring for, and combing human hair wigs to provide you with a wig that looks beautiful and lasts long.

First, choose a human hair wig

1. Understand the different types of human hair wigs

There are two main types of human hair wigs available on the market today: the full natural hair wig and the half natural hair wig. Full handmade human hair wigs are handmade by professional technicians one by one to make surethat the real hair is tied to the bottom of the mesh wig carefully, the workmanship is fine, the fidelity is excellent, but the price is higher as well. It is important to note that semi-handmade human hair wigs are made by machines, including tying the hair at the bottom, despite the lower price, the realism and comfort are lessened.

2. Choose the right hair color and hairstyle

As you can see, human hair wigs come in a wide variety of hair colors and hairstyles, so you can pick one that suits your preference and the shape of your face, so you can customize it according to your appearance. Choosing a hairstyle and color that is similar to the natural color of your hair is one of the easiest ways to achieve a more natural outcome. When you are not sure about which one to choose, you may want to ask a professional hair stylist to help you make your choice, or you may want to try it on first.

3. Choose the right material for the bottom of the human hair wig

The material of the bottom of a human hair wig determines how comfortable it is to wear as well as how realistic it appears. One of the most common types of wig bottoms is the movie bottom. The transparent movie bottom is also a popular type of human hair wig bottom. Film bases are harder than transparent film bases and are a good choice for the summer season; whereas French film bases and transparent film bases are softer and more suitable for fall and winter seasons. Additionally, you can also choose a wig with a realistic scalp simulation under the bottom part of the human hair wig, which makes it look more realistic.

4. Pay attention to the length and weight of the human hair wig

In addition to the length of the human hair wig, the weight of the wig is also a factor to consider when choosing it. In general, the longer the human hair wig is, the more weight it will contain. Therefore, it is encouraged to purchase human hair wigs that are longer in length. Those who wish to have long hair can choose human hair wigs with a film base, which are lighter and more comfortable to wear compared to human hair wigs with a fiber base. A human hair wig with transparent or French film base is a better choice if you like short hair; they are relatively thick and have a more textured appearance, since they have a faster drying time.

Second, care human hair wig

1. Comb before shampooing

The knots and messy hair that are present in the human hair wig should be combed out with a wide-toothed comb or your fingers before shampooing it in order to avoid pulling the wig and damaging it during the process.

2. Use specialized shampoo products

In order to maintain the health of human hair wigs, the use of special shampoo products is necessary just as with real hair. Whenever you use shampoo and conditioner, use mild products that do not contain silicone oil or alcohol. It is recommended to soak the human hair wig in warm water and to scrub gently, avoiding rubbing, then to rinse it well with water after soaking.

3. Avoid using hair dryers and curling irons

It is recommended that you avoid blow drying and styling your human hair wig with a hair dryer and curling iron due to the fact that high temperatures can damage the texture of the human hair wig as well as produce static electricity. A low-temperature hair dryer can also be used if you want to let the human hair wig dry naturally in the shade.

4. Maintain your human hair wig regularly

A wig can last a long time if it is maintained regularly. In order to maintain a wig’s luster and softness, you can use specialized human hair wig care products after it has been shampooed in order to help repair damaged wigs and to maintain its luster and softness.

Third, combing human hair wig

1. Use wide-tooth comb combing

If you want to comb the human hair wig, use a wide toothed comb and start combing it toward the bottom, gradually working your way upwards. To prevent damaging the human hair wig, it is important not to use too much force when removing it. If you notice knots in your hair, you can gently untangle them with your fingers, or you can use a special wig comb to comb out any knots that you find.

2. Avoid frequent combing

The natural oils in human hair wigs are not found in real hair, which is why they don’t require you to comb them frequently like real hair does. Combing is generally recommended to be done 1-2 times per day. As a result of overcombing the wig, it will become fluffy and knotted as a result of the excessive combing.

3. Remove the human hair wig before going to bed

When going to bed, remove the human hair wig from your head and place it on a special wig stand so that you won’t have to worry about pressure and friction that can lead to knots and damage to the wig. It might be necessary to use a ribbon or hair net in order to avoid messy hair by fixing the hair with a ribbon or net.

Fourth, combing human hair wig skills

1. Use styling products

The best way to style a human hair wig is by using products designed specifically for styling wigs. The next step is to apply the styling product to the human hair wig and comb it with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to achieve a natural hairstyle with the human hair wig.

2. Use a scalp-simulating wig base

With human hair wig bases having a scalp-simulating effect, the human hair wig becomes more realistic, and it is easier to comb as a result. If you want to achieve a more natural effect when combing your hair, you can use your fingers to gently massage the simulated part of your scalp and then use a comb to comb it out to achieve a more natural look.

3. Learn different hairstyles

As far as the variety of hairstyles that can be created with human hair wigs is concerned, you can choose different hairstyles depending on your own preference and the occasion. A professional hairstylist can teach you how to braid your hair, create curls, and a lot more from bobby pins and hairspray, or you can take classes from an online hairdresser on how to create various hairstyles with bobby pins and hairspray.


Taking good care of your human hair wig requires some skill and patience, but once you have it right, you will be able to have a beautiful wig once you have the right approach. The purpose of this article is to provide you with information on the best way to choose, care for, and comb your human hair wig in order to be able to showcase your most beautiful self and have a confident hairstyle.

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